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Slide Osaka Film Festival Slide Osaka Film Festival Slide Osaka Film Festival Osaka International Film Festival (OIFF) is one of the largest film festival in Asia. An Official IMDb qualifying competition very soon!
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More than 100 countries participating in the OIFF competitions every edition! OSAKA ONLINE EVENT

Slide Award Winner Narrative Shortfilm CAMBIANTE Award Winner Documentary Shortfilm The Office of Missing Children Award Winner Experimental Shortfilm timeline Award Winner Animation Shortfilm gatcha!

Slide Award Winner Horror Shortfilm DIABLA Award Winner Music Video SYMBIOSIS Award Winner Feature Ficiton OLMA DJON Award Winner Feature Documentary On the track of Robert van Gulik

Slide Award Winner Best Director the angel of history Award Winner Best Cinematography love is not love Award Winner Best Screenplay moth

Slide Our Mission Osaka was born as a dream in Japan, but over the years it has spread to the whole world inspired by our beloved filmmakers! Get Your Certificate! 1 We are proud to share the incredible works through the website! 2 The quality standard of this online competition is very high and only awards the best films. 3 Winners of this competition can be very proud of their achievement.

Slide Awards & Prizes Submit your film in the main categories, we also have amazing additional categories! Best Narrative Short Film Submit Best Experimental Short Film Submit Best Documentary Short Film Submit Best Animation Short Film Submit Best Feature Film Fiction Submit Best Feature Film Documentary Submit Amazing Additional Categories Best Director | Best Cinematography and many more. The festival is a quarterly season and accepts all types of film from all over the world, less than 35 minutes (short films), more than 60 minutes (feature films) See all additional categories

Slide Our Rules & Terms Films must have been completed after 1 January 2019. There is no premiere requirement. You can also submit the same project in the next season competition in case you haven't been officially selected in the last editions. See full rules Language All films must be presented in their original language
(with English or Spanish subtitle).
Films No work or artist will be either discriminated or favored by their country of origin, language or ideology. Media Please only send links to your media hosted on 3rd party servers such as Vimeo or YouTube.

Slide Osaka film festival maintains strategic and cultural relationships with different institutions and cities around the world. Strengthening the cultural bond and global exchange. Read Success Stories location_on location_on location_on location_on location_on location_on location_on location_on location_on

Slide Sussan The festival opened the borders for me and I am very happy with the result! Sahid When it comes to registering your film, you always want to be in the best festivals, this is one of them. Chaisee They recommended this festival to me and seeing how they were handled I submitted my film without hesitation

to Osaka
Film Festival

Slide Our Certificates We provide official festival certificates to all directors and filmmakers around the world. Get your Certificate Safe and efficient international shipping. High quality physical and digital certificates. Fully personalized with official seals and security marks.

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